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Hello! My name is Chris Tryon. Holistic Health Coach, author, and essential oils educator. I am also a wife, mother of three grown son’s, natural remedy fanatic, and nine-year breast cancer thriver!

My Story

Nine years ago my husband agreed to let me get prostheses for my birthday. I was completely healed from my surgeries and had not had any pain for 2 weeks.
I wanted to look and feel normal in public. I did NOT want people to stare at my chest for the opposite reason they used to… stare at my chest. (I used to wear a size 38DD bra.) I did NOT want people to pity me or ask me if I had breast cancer. If breast cancer was brought up in a conversation, I wanted to be the one to mention it.
The fitter at Elegant Essentials did a wonderful job. A former co-worker who has a wonderful sense of humor and is brutally honest went with me to my appointment. Between the fitter and my dear friend, I looked and felt normal as soon as my appointment was over.
I treated my prostheses like a ‘certain credit card.’ I seldom left my home without them. During the few times I did not wear them, I felt naked and cold…
Almost 4 years later I suffered from a pinched nerve in my left shoulder. I could NOT wear my prostheses even though they weighed half a pound each.
I never asked God: Why me? when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I knew the answer to that question. I knew He wanted me to share my story about the importance of faith, family, and friendship along with a few of the lessons I wish I had known beforehand with women who were on a similar journey. This is why I wrote a memoir about my experience. (If you would like to purchase it, send a message to me at: try.onsomethingpink@gmail.com
I DID ask God why I got the pinched nerve. He told me to: STOP HIDING!
I have worn the prostheses a few times since then. When I did, I remembered why I stopped wearing them. I do NOT miss wearing a bra at all! I don’t miss worrying about every lump and bump and having constant screenings. I have peace of mind.
The best part is that most people do NOT notice that I don’t have breasts.
What was once my biggest challenge has become one of my greatest strengths.
Choosing NOT to have reconstructive surgery was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make in my life to save my life. This is why my passion is disease-prevention! There are too many women being put in the very difficult position of choosing between their life and their breasts and even more of them being put in the very difficult position of choosing between their quality of life and their quantity of life.
Genetics only count for 5%-10% of all cancer diagnosis. We have control over 90%-95%. It’s all about what we eat, removing the toxins in our home, and developing healthy lifestyles that work for us.

I enjoy educating women on the things they can do that are essential to help them reduce their risk of developing breast cancer and improve their quality of life. Because there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, because all of us are different, I will help you create a personalized plan that will work for you.

I enjoy helping women create Personalized lifestyle changes that will  Inoculate their immune system, by Nourishing all of their relationships with Kindness which will save them a ton of money on their healthcare.

My passion IS disease-prevention. My closest friends know I AM a ‘frugal alternative remedy fanatic.’ Most of them would say this is an understatement…

I have been trying on all kinds of natural and alternative remedies for thirty years. (Hint: Most of them have worked.) I have saved my family thousands of dollars in medical expenses!

One in eight women will hear the words: You have breast cancer!

This IS too many women being put in the very difficult position of choosing between their life and their breasts! This IS too many women being put in the very difficult position of choosing between their quality of life and their quantity of life!

I know because I have been there and done that! When I was diagnosed with breast cancer on November 22, 2011, My motto was, is and forever will be: I do NOT want to find a cure for cancer or any other diseases! I want to find ways to PREVENT them from happening in the first place!


I have! 


“To my friend, health coach, accountability partner and all around great woman…… I want to thank you for your wealth of knowledge, healthy alternative suggestions, support and encouragement.

Friends, I was at my lowest of lows with post Lobular ER+ Breast Cancer aromatase inhibitor treatment and all of the horrible side affects that come with it….and this angel named Chris reached out to me about her health coaching service.

I’m telling you that Chris is a vibrant and energetic educator who has a passion for healing your mind, body and spirit naturally and finding out what works best for you and your body! She inspires me daily with her quest for learning and living your best quality of life.

I’m encouraging you to consider talking with her about your situation. She is a walking encyclopedia of really helpful and healing options that I wasn’t getting from my medical oncologist and Doctors.

If you are trying to find your way out of the fog that fighting cancer brings, I would highly recommend talking to Chris. She’s easy to talk to and really a wonderful person. She provided so many wonderful recipes, cooking alternatives and natural remedies including essential oils.

I’m so grateful for everything she has helped me with and I know she’d love to help you live your healthiest life too!!! Many Blessings Chris and success in your Health Coaching endeavors. I❤️U!!!” – Kim W. Indianapolis, Indiana

“Chris Tryon is a motivating health coach with expertise in Aromatherapy, accountability, and integrative nutrition. I loved how she just listened to my needs before deciding where to take our coaching appointments. This is great for anyone in need of extra loving support to improve wellness in all areas of life. Thanks Chris!!!” –Crystal Maria-Cleveland, Ohio

“Chris was wonderful to work with! She was curious, thoughtful and thorough in her assessment and recommendations. I loved that she always suggested very practical and affordable solutions. I could trust that, at the end of the day, her recommendations would not break my bank! I would highly suggest you give Chris a call to help with any improvements in your health that you desire!” Amy L. — Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

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