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“To my friend, health coach, accountability partner and all around great woman… I want to thank you for your wealth of knowledge, healthy alternative suggestions, support and encouragement.

Friends, I was at my lowest of lows with post Lobular ER+ Breast Cancer aromatase inhibitor treatment and all of the horrible side affects that come with it…and this angel named Chris reached out to me about her health coaching service. I’m telling you that Chris is a vibrant and energetic educator who has a passion for healing your mind, body and spirit naturally and finding out what works best for you and your body! She inspires me daily with her quest for learning and living your best quality of life.

I’m encouraging you to consider talking with her about your situation. She is a walking encyclopedia of really helpful and healing options that I wasn’t getting from my medical oncologist and Doctors. If you are trying to find your way out of the fog that fighting cancer brings, I would highly recommend talking to Chris. She’s easy to talk to and really a wonderful person. She provided so many wonderful recipes, cooking alternatives and natural remedies including essential oils. I’m so grateful for everything she has helped me with and I know she’d love to help you live your healthiest life too!!! Many Blessings Chris and much success in your Health Coaching endeavors. I❤️U!!!” -Kim W. Indianapolis, Indiana

“Chris Tryon is a motivating health coach with expertise in Aromatherapy, accountability, and integrative nutrition. I loved how she just listened to my needs before deciding where to take our coaching appointments. This is great for anyone in need of extra loving support to improve wellness in all areas of life. Thanks Chris!!!” -Crystal Maria-Cleveland, Ohio