Dear sisters!

One of the reasons I decided to join Toastmasters International was because I wanted to speak about topics I AM passionate about. Certainly being a breast cancer survivor/thriver is one of them. These are topics that I hope will make a positive difference in the lives of the people who watch them. I hope that one of those people is you. If they do, please share them with the people you love that you believe will benefit from them too.

Feel free to send a message to me at: I would love to hear from you.

These speeches are not the only ones I have given, just the ones I decided to have recorded. I will be adding more videos to this page in the future.

Thank you for watching.


Chris Tryon

Most people join Toastmasters to overcome their fear of Public Speaking. I have heard it said that most people fear it more than they do death. I believe most people fear living. 

What do you fear? You DO get to decide…

My number ONE reason for joining Toastmasters was to share the following message with the world!

Choosing NOT to have reconstructive surgery was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make in my life to save my life!

Here is my list of ten things most doctors won’t tell women about this topic…

I discovered that laughter truly IS THE BEST MEDICINE!

Do you agree?

Do you believe in miracles?

What does the Serenity Prayer have in common with Health Coaching?