Feel Good Friday! The Oily Edition!

Dear Sisters,

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Today’s Feel Good Friday post is what I like to refer to as…The Oily Edition!

For those of you who have been following my blog, you KNOW that I am all about empowering women in all areas of their lives. You may also recall that I have been looking for a leader in a home-based business for a few months now.

I am very pleased to announce that I have found that leader and the home-based business that I have spent quite a bit of time searching for.

My Story as it pertains to Essential Oils and Reflections On P-I-N-K

A close friend of mine introduced me to essential oils at a home party a few years ago. It was about a year after my breast cancer diagnosis. I was impressed with her story and the story of a few of our friends.

At that time, I did not see how essential oils could benefit me and I had no desire to spend money on what I believed at that time were ‘over-priced solutions’ that did NOT fit in with my family’s budget.

Things change. Fast-forward to March of this year. With everything that I have been doing to improve my health, something was still missing. The only thing that I had not tried were essential oils. That is why I decided to contact my friend who had had the essential oil party. I was pretty sure that I was going to be joining her until I found out that she was not actively building her business. I took the next step: I started researching essential oils and discovered at least a dozen blog’s that were singing the praises of another essential oil company.

I liked what I saw and began searching for a leader within that company. Here is why I decided to join THAT Company:

P stands for Purity! This company is NOT an essential oil broker. This company over-see’s the entire process of making sure their oils meet the owner’s standards for purity in every way possible. They have their own farms!

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I stands for: Integrity. Integrity in growing, distilling, bottling, shipping and marketing. The owner puts his name on the label and for over two decades, people have come to appreciate his penchant for ethics.

N stands for: Networking. Networking is NOT the same thing as a ‘pyramid scheme.’ When I think of networking, I think of the cell phone companies that have the most cell-phone towers bringing you the best coverage when you purchase them. I think of ‘networking with like-minded’ individual’s and creating win-win’ solutions for everybody involved.

K stands for: Keeping it Simple. When most people see how easy something is to do that they used to think of as complicated actually is, they are more likely to give it a try. The individual that I joined in this company is very good at doing just that!

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Are You A Leader?

Robert O Woods Sr Air Force picture
My Dad’s Air Force Picture 1950 something.

Dear Sister,

Since this weekend is Memorial Day, it is a good time to remember those individuals who have fought so valiantly for the freedoms we enjoy-not just on Memorial Day, but everyday of the year.

It is also important to remember who our leaders are and how they have lead us to where we are today-as a country and as individuals.

I have been pondering quite a bit lately on what makes a good leader. A few months ago, I began a journey to find a leader in a home-based business that I had learned about a few years ago. I was not looking for a home-based business, I was looking for a leader. My husband and I have been involved with ‘a few’ home-based businesses in the past. We did not have a positive experience with most of them.

Finding the right company with the right product IS the easy part. Finding a good leader takes quite a bit more work-especially when you consider that less than 10% of the people who join a home-based business are able to retire from their ‘day jobs.’ The difference IS leadership!

We have found a leader that is worthy of that title. She was not one of my friends that I originally ‘interviewed.’ In fact, she is not even a member of the home-based business that I was originally considering. I found a ‘new company’ that promotes the same product line that has been around for nearly three times as many years, has integrity and the CEO is truly a man that adheres to ethical standards. (I will be sharing more about the company in the near future. Stay tuned!)

With this new company that my husband and I will be joining in the near future, I interviewed four people. I narrowed it down to two. One of them is a leader in every sense of the word. I wrote the following poem for her.

Are You A Leader?

Are you a leader?

Are you a guide?

Will I feel confident

Walking by your side?

Are your ducks lined up in a row?

Are they running to follow you

Wherever you go?

Do they trust you to lead them

To the perfect place to swim?

Or are they running in circles

And chasing every whim?

Can you motivate?

Can you inspire…

And create in me…

An intense to desire…

To believe that I can do what you do-

And see my life’s purpose

With a much clearer view?