What is scarier than Halloween?

Dear future Pinksters,

What is scarier than Halloween? If you are a woman, hearing the words: You have breast cancer.

This can be shock to you even if you are expecting it. I know. I knew the minute I looked in my bathroom mirror on October 19, 2011 that the indentation under the nipple on my left breast and the tiny lump just below and to the right of it was breast cancer. My ‘gut instinct,’ Holy Ghost, God whispered this truth to me.

The lump could not be felt or seen when I was laying down. Most doctors do breast examinations when their patients are laying down. Every doctor, nurse and radiation technician asked me to show them where the lump was. The mammogram indicated that this lump was half the size of a pea. It showed up as a tiny speck.

Yet, when I heard those words from my oncology surgeon on November 22nd, (two days before Thanksgiving), I was shocked! I sobbed-even though I already knew.

Thankfully, my gut instinct was correct. Thankfully, my doctors believed me and moved forward full speed ahead with additional testing. One of them told me that the lump I found was mobile and that there was only a 2% chance that it was cancer.

I believe most of you are aware that regardless of whether you are in the statistic of 2% of the population or 99% of the population, for you, that statistic will always be: 100%.

Thankfully, I listened to the ‘little voice’ inside my head that told me NOT to wait.

For those of you who are reading these words, I am pleading with you to trust your gut instincts. Do your monthly self-exams regularly. Look in the mirror when you get out of the shower. Know what is normal for you! Nobody should know your body better than you do!

Enjoy your day,



Passion for Living

Dear future Pinksters,

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Anonymous

Do you have a passion for living? Are you living the life of your dreams? If not, why not? What’s stopping you?

Some researchers have said that less than 10% of our population is able to retire when they want to and live the life of their dreams?

Most people fear two things: Public speaking and death-in that order! I don’t believe people fear death as much as they fear living. I say this because too many of us don’t truly start living until we are faced with circumstances that could easily end our lives.

Today marks the seventh anniversary of the day that I began my very personal breast cancer journey. I could easily have been dead within six months if my cancer had not been caught early.

Prior to my diagnosis, I felt like I was going through the motions. My two oldest sons were in college-two thousand miles away. My youngest son was a Senior in High School. I had been working for a local charity from the comfort of my home for almost nine years. I lived to work, attend church and make sure my husband and son didn’t starve.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer gave me a purpose for living-if I survived it.

To celebrate the seventh anniversary of my breast cancer journey, I would like to share the following video.

How did you discover your passion for living? What is it? How are you sharing it with the world and the people you love?

My gift to you today is the Introduction and Chapter 1-Passion from 47 Shades of Pink. I launched it today. The subtitle is: Improve your quality of life, reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. If you like what you read and are hungry to read the ‘rest of the story,’ you can find it here.

PDF 47 Shades Introduction and Chapter 1

Front Cover 47 Shades of Pink October 1 2018


Enjoy your evening!


October is about being aware of more than breasts

International Squirrel Awareness month

Dear Pinksters,

Are you aware that the month of October is: International Squirrel Awareness and Appreciation month? I bet you thought I was going to say: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, didn’t you?

I would sincerely love it if everyone were as aware of the significance of squirrels more than they are the significance of breast cancer.

I am sure many of you are aware that 12% (that equals 1 in every 8 women) will hear the words: You have breast cancer. I am sure you are also aware that breast cancer doesn’t just affect the women, but the people that they love as well. I am aware that everyone knows at least eight women.

Are you aware that 15% of the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have at least one first-degree relative that has also been diagnosed? By first-degree relative, I mean their mother or sister.

Are you aware that ALL of have cancer cells within our bodies and that they can be ‘turned on’ or ‘turned off’? Google: Epigenetics and see for yourself.

Are you aware that at least 70% of ALL diseases ARE preventable when we make lasting lifestyle changes that work for us? Google: Epigenetics and lifestyle to see for yourself.

Are you aware that 1% of all men will be diagnosed with breast cancer? My neighbor has two former male co-workers that were diagnosed. I am the first woman that she knows personally that received that diagnosis.

For those of us who have been effected by breast cancer, I can assure you that we are aware of breast cancer the other eleven months of the year as well. For most of us, our physical scares are a constant reminder of what we have lost. Our emotional scars can become visible without any forewarning. Many women are dealing with lingering side-effects of chemo-therapy, radiation and lymphedema. (This does not include the side-effects that come from taking medications to prevent a recurrence.)

This is too many women and their loved ones who have had to choose between their quality of life or their quantity of life.

Even though finding a cure for cancer would be great, I believe it would be far more cost-effective to PREVENT this disease from occurring in the first place!

I am inspired by the following quote by this second century B.C. philosopher named, Huang Di Nei Jing:

“Maintaining order rather than correcting disorder is the ultimate principle of wisdom. To cure disease AFTER it has appeared is like digging a well when one is already thirsty or forging weapons AFTER the war has already begun.”

If you are feeling inspired after reading this blog post, I would like to invite you to ‘try on’a FREE, one hour health consultation to see how I can help you improve your quality of life and reduce or prevent breast cancer by at least 70%.

Click here to schedule your appointment today. (It can be done over the phone at a time that is convenient for you.)

Enjoy your day!


P.S. Take some time today to be aware of and appreciate the squirrels who cross your path.

Pink doesn’t have to stink

pink sunsetSupport holding hands















Dear Pinksters!

Today’s post is about: Support groups. As I was waiting in the waiting room waiting to see my surgical oncologist for the first time, I got involved in a conversation with one of her patient’s who was also…waiting. 

She gave me some advice that I will always remember. She said that if I received a breast cancer diagnosis that the best thing that I could do is tell everybody I knew. There is no such thing as having ‘too much support.’ That was in November of 2011. She was right. Studies have shown that people who participate in support groups survive longer and are generally healthier emotionally. 

I am blessed to be a member of three support groups for women.

1. The Relief Society which is the largest support group for women who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

2. The breast cancer sisterhood. A few months after my diagnosis, I received an email from the nurse who assisted with the biopsies that led to my breast cancer diagnosis. At the time, I was riding an emotional roller-coaster and it was pretty close to the bottom. I ‘phoned a friend,’ a sister survivor and asked her what they would tell me at a support group that I didn’t already know. She said: It’s not what they will tell you, it is HOW they will tell you! They speak your language because they have been where you are and they understand better than your friends who have not had that experience. She was right. 

3. I became an active member of an incredible Facebook support group called: Flat and Fabulous. WE are a group of almost two thousand women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and had mastectomies. Most of us chose NOT to have reconstructive surgery. Some women had reconstructive surgery and for various reasons chose to deconstruct. Our primary purpose is to empower women to become fabulous after having so much of our iden-titty taken away.  If you would like to watch a fun video about the ‘benefits of being boob-less, check out my Toastmasters Award-Winning video by clicking here.

Thanks to support groups, pink no longer stinks! If you need help, find a support group near you, on Facebook or send me a message. You don’t have to travel this journey alone.

There are a lot of support groups for people who are sick, I would like to see more support groups created for people who want to stay well. That is one of the many reasons I am choosing to focus on disease prevention. I want the Pinkster support group to offer you easy ways to create a healthy lifestyle that will work for you!

Have you attended support groups? Have you felt supported? Please share your experience in the comments. Thank you very much AND…

Enjoy your day!



Nothing to Hide!

Good afternoon dear sisters!

I know it has been awhile since I posted, but I had to share a few of my ‘reflections’ as I am fast approaching my 5 year ‘cancerversary.’

My journey with breast cancer began on October 19, 2011. I was 47 years young. All I can say is…TIME FLIES!

Everybody kept telling me that they couldn’t imagine what it was like to be diagnosed with breast cancer. The truth is NOBODY CAN unless they or one of their loved ones hears those words: You have breast cancer! If you would like to read the rest of my story, click here.

Fast forward to today: After taking a drug for 19 months to prevent recurrence, (that made my life miserable and believing that NOBODY ever received a breast cancer diagnosis because they DIDN’T HAVE enough prescription drugs in their bodies), I did my homework and researched alternative remedies. Within a few months of adding a few supplements to my daily routine and modifying my diet…for the most part), my health improved by 50%! 

I believed I could do better and began my journey to investigating essential oils. (I have another blog post that shares those details…) I FOUND MY MISSING PUZZLE PIECE!

Within a few months, my physical health improved by 90%! I began teaching classes in my home and to a few friends that live close by. A few of them are beginning their journey towards physical AND financial healing! 

In an effort to spread the word about my passion, I have created a video that shows you that I have NOTHING TO HIDE, Young Living has NOTHING TO HIDE and HOW I teach a Young Living Everyday Oils class. Check out the video here!


If you would like more information, send me an email with your phone # and the best time for me to contact you to: dearsisterchris@gmail.com

Thank you very much AND