Kinship: You Might Be a Pinkster If…

Dear future Pinksters,

What is a the definition of a Pinkster?  

A Pinkster is what I am choosing to call my dear sisters, gangsters and youngsters who subscribes to my newsletter (more information on that topic coming soon! Look for the tab on the Main menu of this website) or follow the posts on my website, Facebook page and other forms of social media that I will be adding.

Pinkster is a form of endearment. It is a generic term that stands out from all of the other health coaching websites.

It is my unique brand, because I don’t think like most people and neither do you. We have our own individual identity. We are unique! There is nobody else alive that is exactly like us!

I have learned to think for myself, do my own research, and find out what works for me-not just regarding my health, but in most area’s of my life.

A Pinkster is any one of three kinds of people:

1. A dear sister who has been diagnosed with breast cancer or who is trying to PREVENT this diagnosis and many others. I call all of my sisters dear sisters. I do not have any biological sisters of my own.

I DO belong to three amazing sisterhoods: The sisterhood of all mankind. I believe ALL of us were created by God. All of us are sisters and brothers.

The sisterhood of the Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They have been the most supportive sisters I could have ever prayed for for thirty-five years.

The sisterhood that NONE of us ever willingly joins: Breast cancer survivor! I prefer to refer to myself as a six year breast cancer thriver!

Breast cancer survivor’s speak a language that no other woman speaks-even though we received the same diagnosis, our stories are unique to us-personally, emotionally and spiritually. The breast cancer language is the one I would LOVE to make extinct! 

2. A Pinkster is dear sister or brother who might be a gangster or rebel in the sense that they are brave enough to think for themselves. They are someone who researches their options, and question’s authority when it comes to treatments regarding their health. 

3. A Pinkster is someone who is a youngster at heart. Someone who is curious, open-minded, and willing to ‘try on’ new ideas, recipes, and learn new concepts.

What are some things that a Pinkster does?

Pinkster dresses up for Halloween and goes Trick-or-Treating with her ten year old son-all the while referring to her husband as: Dad! (At the time, she thought: Why should kid’s have all the fun…playing dress-up and getting free candy.)

Witch 40 years old edited

A Pinkster brings a coloring book, gel pens, and colored pencils to a Thanksgiving family gathering and spends their time hanging out with young children-coloring while everyone else is pigging out at the dessert table.

Coloring book gel pens colored pencils

Pinkster has a library. They are an avid reader of self-help books. They take these books to their doctors appointment’s, and ask their doctor:

“Why don’t you recommend this book to ALL of your patient’s?” (Their doctor doesn’t say a word and a Pinkster knows why…)

Love Medicine and Miracles edited photo

A Pinkster looks for, asks for, and accepts support from more than one source. They take it upon herself/himself to research, and try on new things that will help them as they strive to learn how to support their own body.

A Pinkster is passionate about learning how they can start living their life…in the pink!

I have learned that essential oils are an excellent support system. They provide support for our: Digestive system, immune system,  and our emotional system-just to name a few!

A Pinkster starts using these systems on a consistent, daily basis.  She discovers what works for her.


YL System Support PSK

Pinkster has fun trying on new thingsThey know that good health is a journey, not a destination. They have learned how to experience true joy and have a desire to share that joy with everyone they meet!

I HAVE done all of these things. I would like to encourage you to try to do them too!

What makes you a PinksterPlease share a few of your own stories in the comments section!

If you are indeed a Pinkster or would like to become one, I would like to invite you to…‘try on’ a FREE, one hour, no obligation, health consultation today. Fill out the form below and take the next step to living your life…in the pink!

Enjoy your day!