Feel GREAT Friday! Are You Feeling Depressed? ‘Try on’ a Digital Detox

Dear Future Pinkster!

Am I the only one that has noticed that the theme song for our current generation is: Let’s get digital?

I have been to several group gatherings where most of the people are paying more attention to their phones than they are to the people in the room.

Shopping during the holidays? I saw more people staring at their phones when they were walking through the mall than I did that weren’t. If one of them was you, I won’t judge. I miss the days when ‘eye-contact’ was more prevalent than ‘i-phone’ contact. Please tell me I am not alone.digital devices american-bags-busy-1798948 digital devices from pexels

I suffer from seasonal depression. I have suffered for most of my adult life. The months from November through March are the worst! December can be especially depressing now that my husband and I are empty-nesters and all three of our boys live far, far away. This year two of them were home for Thanksgiving-which usually makes Christmas more difficult for both of us emotionally.

How many of you have heard warnings like these to turn off your phone or other electronic devices?

Just turn off your phone!”

Why can’t you just switch it off?”

Can’t we just talk to each other?”

If you are a professional at rolling your eyes when you these phrases, you probably can’t imagine what living your life without technology is like. Digital devices certainly opens up possibilities for communicating that past generations would have never dreamed possible.

You are probably wondering if it is really that dangerous to stay connected to our devices, aren’t you?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Simon Sinek has an excellent video that drives this message home.Check it out by clicking here.

What are some of the Effects Of Always Being On Our Electronic Devices?

computer and i-phone from pexels

Electronics make our lives better in many ways, including keeping us in touch with friends and family around the world. But being connected to others constantly can wear on our well-being. It can cut into our long-term happiness and reduce our overall satisfaction with life. For more information on this topic, click here.

The benefits of taking a digital detox for a little while are far-reaching. People who have taken a break from technology report a sense of feeling more closely connected to those around them. (Dinner is on the table shortly after my husband gets home from work versus two hours later and he has eaten most of my walnuts before it is ready…)

When we are attached to our technological devices, our priorities shift from spending time with our loved ones in person. This can easily disrupt our well-being. Stress can easily increase. For example, the people that you love who are not on their devices might say: I’M STARVING! Log-off already! Or put away your phone and nobody will get hurt!

We may feel more depressed and more alone in general when we spend an excessive amount of time using electronics to communicate with others, rather than communicating face to face. I didn’t realize how bad I was feeling until I took a break from my favorite social media platform at the end of 2018.

I took my own digital detox from social media for ten days. Before I did this, a typical day would look like this:

First thing every morning, I log on. After I eat breakfast, I log on. I take an afternoon break for an hour or so. I log on to procrastinate exercising until I have to pick my husband up from work. As soon as we get home, I log on before I cook dinner. After dinner, I log on for two or three hours, watch a movie with my husband, and then log on before I go to bed. Then I have trouble falling asleep. On a good night, I sleep for six hours. 

If this is you, it might be time for you to ‘try on’ a digital detox.

When I began my digital detox, I truly felt like I had an addiction. I wondered what I was going to do with ALL of my free time. The first day, I had withdrawal symptoms. My heart raced. I felt anxious. I was afraid I would fail. I was accountable to my husband and the people I promised on social media. What would they think if they saw me on it when I was supposed to be ”digitally-detoxing?’

Thankfully, one of my closest friends called me on the morning of my first full day just as those thoughts were racing through my mind. When we hung up, I felt like I could make it through the rest of the day. My friend truly was and IS a lifeline. She has been like a second mother to me for many years.

How You CAN DO A Digital Detox Without Going Crazy

A digital detox doesn’t have to mean you cut out technology altogether. You can choose to take a few small steps toward using your devices less and listening to your body and mind more.

(I chose to go completely without. I have tried cutting back before. It never worked for me.) I would like to encourage you to ‘try on’ a few of these tips to figure out what works for you.

Here are a few guidelines to create your own digital detox.

Plan for it. Decide how long you are going to digitally detox. Set a date. Write it on your calendar. Make a commitment.

I love the following quote from Kenneth H. Blanchard about the definition of commitment. I have used it several times over the last thirty years when I made the decision to accomplish something big.

There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in doing something, you do it only when its convenient. When you are committed to doing something, you accept no excuses, only results!

Then purge yourself of unnecessary electronic equipment. This approach can apply to entire devices all the way down to the apps on your phone. Take time to be critical about which electronics you use on a regular basis. Even eliminating half the apps on your phone narrows down your electronic clutter. It can lighten your mental load, even if you don’t stop using your phone entirely.

Identify the things or projects you can do to replace the time while you are detoxing. Make a list of things that you could spend your time working on while you are ‘disconnected from your digital devices.’ Write them down in a journal or on a notepad. Some ideas are: You could read or write a book, exercise, work on your family history, de-clutter your living space, finish a craft or complete a home-improvement project. Discuss your goals with your family. Find someone to serve. Visit a friend. The possibilities are endless.

I read two books in ten days. How to Live a Happy Life by Jonathan Fields and

The Library of Fates. I will be re-telling the latter in a future Toastmasters speech. I got back on my exercise program and generally felt better emotionally than I had in a long time-even with my seasonal depression.

Nix your excuses. Create some life-lines for yourself. This is why planning for you digital detox is so important. Phone a friend. Write a positive affirmation. Read it when you start feeling a need to connect digitally.

I believe one of the reasons why most of us are addicted to our digital devices is because we want instant gratification. We love feeling validated when we receive immediate responses about something we share.

Here is one example of an affirmation you can use:

The number of likes, comments, and knowing everything that is going on with everybody I know is NOT as validating as connecting with people that I love face to face or hearing their voice right now.

Keep it simple and have fun! Give yourself “breaks” for a day or two.. You don’t have to give up your electronics for a very long time if you’re not ready to do so. Just take the weekend off, or put them away at a certain time after you get off work. Ask some friends to join you. This way you can hold each other accountable.Then celebrate your success together when you complete it. In time, you may even discover that these breaks ARE addictive!

group of people staring off a cliff

Taking a break from technology on Sunday has been a rule in my house for many years. It is one of the ways our family honors the Sabbath day.

I succeeded at staying off social media for ten days. I felt incredible! I felt true joy when I accomplished this incredibly difficult goal.

I was afraid to get back on social media when my digital detox was over. After ten days of being ‘disconnected,’ I didn’t want to fall back into my my old habits. I didn’t want my depression to come back or get worse.

When I got back online, did I fall back into my old habits? That is a topic for another time. Stay tuned! I hope you will try a digital detox as you pursue your path to living your life…in the pink this year.

Have you ever attempted a digital detox or a social media fast? How did it go? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Enjoy your day!





Passion for Living

Dear future Pinksters,

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Anonymous

Do you have a passion for living? Are you living the life of your dreams? If not, why not? What’s stopping you?

Some researchers have said that less than 10% of our population is able to retire when they want to and live the life of their dreams?

Most people fear two things: Public speaking and death-in that order! I don’t believe people fear death as much as they fear living. I say this because too many of us don’t truly start living until we are faced with circumstances that could easily end our lives.

Today marks the seventh anniversary of the day that I began my very personal breast cancer journey. I could easily have been dead within six months if my cancer had not been caught early.

Prior to my diagnosis, I felt like I was going through the motions. My two oldest sons were in college-two thousand miles away. My youngest son was a Senior in High School. I had been working for a local charity from the comfort of my home for almost nine years. I lived to work, attend church and make sure my husband and son didn’t starve.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer gave me a purpose for living-if I survived it.

To celebrate the seventh anniversary of my breast cancer journey, I would like to share the following video.

How did you discover your passion for living? What is it? How are you sharing it with the world and the people you love?

My gift to you today is the Introduction and Chapter 1-Passion from 47 Shades of Pink. I launched it today. The subtitle is: Improve your quality of life, reduce your risk of developing breast cancer. If you like what you read and are hungry to read the ‘rest of the story,’ you can find it here.

PDF 47 Shades Introduction and Chapter 1

Front Cover 47 Shades of Pink October 1 2018


Enjoy your evening!


Feel Good Friday! What Determines Your Identity?

Dear Sisters!

Happy Good Friday! Welcome to Spring!

You may recall that I have four purposes for creating this blog. They are: Passion! Since I made the decision to become a health coach, (I have changed that purpose-just a little bit.) Identity! Natural! Keeping it simple!

Identity is still a very important part of my purpose and your purpose for living.

Today I am going to talk about: Identity!

What determines your identity?

Is your identity determined by the number of friends that you have on Social Media or the one friend that you can call when you are in need?


Is your identity determined by the growth of the money in your bank account? Or the growth of your confidence and skills? 


Is your identity determined by the number of hours you work every day? Or the number of people whose lives you touch in some small, way?

Is your identity determined by the size of your bra? Or the size of your heart?




With this Good Friday post, I believe that the most important thing that determines our identity is the fact that our our Savior, created us in His own image. I believe that ALL of us are His children. I love the hymn that our Primary children sing: I am a Child of God. To listen to it, click here.

I believe that God created the earth and everything in it for our good and benefit. The tree’s, the flower’s and the weed’s.



100_4327          100_4329

There is a hymn titled: God Loved Us So He Sent His Son. To listen to it, click here.  I pray that we will remember Him and the price He paid for us during this beautiful Easter weekend and all year long.

Although today is no longer Easter, but late July, I believe these messages are still relevant. Do you? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments.

Enjoy your day!


P.S. If you would like to have some fun, watch my Top 10 list on the subject of what I believe definitely does NOT determine our identity…




Nothing to Hide!

Good afternoon dear sisters!

I know it has been awhile since I posted, but I had to share a few of my ‘reflections’ as I am fast approaching my 5 year ‘cancerversary.’

My journey with breast cancer began on October 19, 2011. I was 47 years young. All I can say is…TIME FLIES!

Everybody kept telling me that they couldn’t imagine what it was like to be diagnosed with breast cancer. The truth is NOBODY CAN unless they or one of their loved ones hears those words: You have breast cancer! If you would like to read the rest of my story, click here.

Fast forward to today: After taking a drug for 19 months to prevent recurrence, (that made my life miserable and believing that NOBODY ever received a breast cancer diagnosis because they DIDN’T HAVE enough prescription drugs in their bodies), I did my homework and researched alternative remedies. Within a few months of adding a few supplements to my daily routine and modifying my diet…for the most part), my health improved by 50%! 

I believed I could do better and began my journey to investigating essential oils. (I have another blog post that shares those details…) I FOUND MY MISSING PUZZLE PIECE!

Within a few months, my physical health improved by 90%! I began teaching classes in my home and to a few friends that live close by. A few of them are beginning their journey towards physical AND financial healing! 

In an effort to spread the word about my passion, I have created a video that shows you that I have NOTHING TO HIDE, Young Living has NOTHING TO HIDE and HOW I teach a Young Living Everyday Oils class. Check out the video here!


If you would like more information, send me an email with your phone # and the best time for me to contact you to: dearsisterchris@gmail.com

Thank you very much AND



Leadership: The Power of 3 and ESP

Dear Sister,

Since today is St Patrick’s Day and most people are celebrating by being at parades and getting drunk-which is something that I don’t do, I decided to share some ‘reflections’ on Leadership and the power of 3 and ESP. ESP is an acronym. I usually use: PINK as an acronym, but today I wanted to take a break from that because ESP seemed more appropriate for what I want to accomplish.Besides the clover has 3 petals and I believe it is a beautiful illustration of the number 3. It also speaks to my religious beliefs and represents the Holy Trinity: The Father. The Son and The Holy Ghost. Three separate personages and one common purpose.


When you are writing a speech for Toastmasters, it is recommended that you break down your speech into three smaller points that support your main idea. The motto for Toastmasters International is: Where Leaders Are Made.

The main idea for this post is: Leadership. E stands for: Example. S stands for Sincerity and P stands for Pattern. The Power of 3 supports the Leader and their main purpose. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, our organizations have 1 President and 2 counselor’s. All of them work together.

My husband and I started researching home-based businesses many years ago. We have been involved in a few businesses…most of them with negative consequences. We had determined that we would NEVER get involved with another one. That is about to change.

I have had a few health challenges-breast cancer being one of them. I have experienced side-effects from taking a drug and most of the time I have been able to manage the side-effects with alternative remedies which, for the most part, have worked.

A close friend of mine introduced me to an alternative remedy three year’s ago that was helping her with a health challenge that we have in common, but I discarded it. I thought it would be a ‘no-brainer’ to get involved with that particular company and the person who introduced me to that remedy. 

I did NOT want to join a company based on what was working for my friend especially when she was not actively building her business. She was not setting an Example that I wanted to follow.

Add to that, I decided to do some research on the company that she is involved with. I did NOT like what I found out from numerous objective sources. I DID find a company that has the same kinds of products and has a reputation for having integrity. I was immediately sold on that company.

The next thing I did was begin searching for a Leader to join. That Leader had to have a system in place for marketing their product that contained: E.S.P. The Leader that I choose to join had to set an Example and not just try to sell me a product or on the company. (I am already sold on the company.) I know what I am capable of doing and what I won’t do from prior experience.

The Leader had to be: Sincere-sincerely interested in me! The Leader had to provide me with resources that would help me duplicate what they are doing to build their business without going broke. Their story had to speak to my soul. I had to feel peace when I heard their message. (I watched one youtube video today that accomplished that). When I contacted that person, they responded to my message very quickly. They are currently looking for a mentor for me that lives closer to me than they do.

I have watched several youtube videos and visited dozens of blogs during the last two weeks and I had narrowed my search down to a couple of individuals that I thought would be good Leaders for me to follow. Both of them spoke to different parts of me, but neither one of them spoke entirely to me until today.

The Leader had to have a Pattern in place that would plant one idea in my head when they were finished with their presentation. That idea was: I CAN DO THIS! I CAN duplicate what that Leader IS doing! I am a big believer in the K-I-S philosophy: Keep It Simple. That is a topic for another time.

Some of you may know that I do counted cross-stitch. I am self-taught. Cross-stitch Patterns provide instructions as well as a list of materials that you need to complete a project. Most counted cross-stitch projects contain three steps on HOW TO complete them: Make an ‘X’ and out line the picture when you are done. The ‘X’s need to be uniform and going in the same direction. One diagonal stitch going left to right and then cross over with the other stitch right to left and then out-line when you are done. It is very easy to duplicate this pattern.

If you were to see the completed cross-stitch project above, you would probably think: I CAN’T DO THIS! But since I posted the smaller picture, you would probably think: I CAN DO THIS!

For that reason, I will share the bigger picture very soon along with the name of the company and the product that I am VERY impressed with. I still have one more assignment to complete BEFORE I sign on the dotted line. That my dear sisters IS the Power of 3 and E.S.P.!

Enjoy your evening!

Inspiration: Today’s Feel Good Friday Post: Parents: This is what your sacrifices really amount to

Dear Sister,

I was trying to think of something to write for today’s Feel Good Friday post, but I have been preoccupied with work and Church responsibilities. When I read this blog post from a sister WordPress blogger-Kayla Lemmon, I knew I had hit the jackpot!

Enjoy your weekend!


My dad used to keep a real-estate ad of a huge house for sale on the lake fifteen minutes from our little home. He thought it was beautiful and his dream was to own it. I didn’t know that until aft…

Source: Parents: This is what your sacrifices really amount to

Prevention of Breast Cancer Naturally!


Dear Sister,

If you read my memoir: Dear Sister, Today Is…One woman’s breast cancer journey, you probably know that I did NOT need chemotherapy or radiation to treat my breast cancer. 

There were seven separate cancer cells in my left breast. NONE of the six lymph nodes that my doctor removed from my left arm were cancerous. ONE sentenel node tested positive. The bone and CT scans that my doctor ordered came out negative for breast cancer. 

My doctor put me on Arimidex (an estrogen blocker) because of that ONE sentenel node that tested positive. I stopped taking it after nineteen months because I could NOT handle the side-effects. The chronic migraines, food intolerance’s and the muscle/joint pain were making me feel A LOT older than I was!

Like most women, I was afraid to stop taking the Arimidex. I did some research on natural estrogen blockers. In my mind, as far as I knew…NOBODY had ever received a breast cancer diagnosis because they did NOT have enough prescription drugs in their bodies. (Most of my friends have asked me what I am doing since I stopped taking ‘the drug.’ It is because of them, that I added a chapter to my memoir and why I decided to write this blog post.)

I began taking a spice that can be found in most kitchens. It IS a miracle spice and is regularly used by individual’s in countries that have the LOWEST incidences of breast cancer in the world. That spice is…TURMERIC! I am NOT a fan of the taste, so I take it in supplement form. I take one 720 milligram capsule twice/day. One with my breakfast and one with my dinner.

I had been putting ground flaxseed in my oatmeal occasionally. Now I put one tablespoon in my oatmeal every morning. It has done wonders for reducing hot flashes and night sweats.

I have also reduced my intake of sugar and caffeine. When I was taking the Arimidex, I would wake up EVERY MORNING with a migraine. I developed an addiction to Ibuprofen and Dr Pepper. It was the only thing that worked to get rid of the migraine so I could function.

If you would like more information on what you CAN DO to reduce your risk of either getting breast cancer or preventing it from recurring, click here! Or you can purchase my book to find out what else I am doing. (If you purchase it and write a review, I will send you a FREE gift!)

Enjoy your day!