Leadership: The Power of 3 and ESP

Dear Sister,

Since today is St Patrick’s Day and most people are celebrating by being at parades and getting drunk-which is something that I don’t do, I decided to share some ‘reflections’ on Leadership and the power of 3 and ESP. ESP is an acronym. I usually use: PINK as an acronym, but today I wanted to take a break from that because ESP seemed more appropriate for what I want to accomplish.Besides the clover has 3 petals and I believe it is a beautiful illustration of the number 3. It also speaks to my religious beliefs and represents the Holy Trinity: The Father. The Son and The Holy Ghost. Three separate personages and one common purpose.


When you are writing a speech for Toastmasters, it is recommended that you break down your speech into three smaller points that support your main idea. The motto for Toastmasters International is: Where Leaders Are Made.

The main idea for this post is: Leadership. E stands for: Example. S stands for Sincerity and P stands for Pattern. The Power of 3 supports the Leader and their main purpose. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, our organizations have 1 President and 2 counselor’s. All of them work together.

My husband and I started researching home-based businesses many years ago. We have been involved in a few businesses…most of them with negative consequences. We had determined that we would NEVER get involved with another one. That is about to change.

I have had a few health challenges-breast cancer being one of them. I have experienced side-effects from taking a drug and most of the time I have been able to manage the side-effects with alternative remedies which, for the most part, have worked.

A close friend of mine introduced me to an alternative remedy three year’s ago that was helping her with a health challenge that we have in common, but I discarded it. I thought it would be a ‘no-brainer’ to get involved with that particular company and the person who introduced me to that remedy. 

I did NOT want to join a company based on what was working for my friend especially when she was not actively building her business. She was not setting an Example that I wanted to follow.

Add to that, I decided to do some research on the company that she is involved with. I did NOT like what I found out from numerous objective sources. I DID find a company that has the same kinds of products and has a reputation for having integrity. I was immediately sold on that company.

The next thing I did was begin searching for a Leader to join. That Leader had to have a system in place for marketing their product that contained: E.S.P. The Leader that I choose to join had to set an Example and not just try to sell me a product or on the company. (I am already sold on the company.) I know what I am capable of doing and what I won’t do from prior experience.

The Leader had to be: Sincere-sincerely interested in me! The Leader had to provide me with resources that would help me duplicate what they are doing to build their business without going broke. Their story had to speak to my soul. I had to feel peace when I heard their message. (I watched one youtube video today that accomplished that). When I contacted that person, they responded to my message very quickly. They are currently looking for a mentor for me that lives closer to me than they do.

I have watched several youtube videos and visited dozens of blogs during the last two weeks and I had narrowed my search down to a couple of individuals that I thought would be good Leaders for me to follow. Both of them spoke to different parts of me, but neither one of them spoke entirely to me until today.

The Leader had to have a Pattern in place that would plant one idea in my head when they were finished with their presentation. That idea was: I CAN DO THIS! I CAN duplicate what that Leader IS doing! I am a big believer in the K-I-S philosophy: Keep It Simple. That is a topic for another time.

Some of you may know that I do counted cross-stitch. I am self-taught. Cross-stitch Patterns provide instructions as well as a list of materials that you need to complete a project. Most counted cross-stitch projects contain three steps on HOW TO complete them: Make an ‘X’ and out line the picture when you are done. The ‘X’s need to be uniform and going in the same direction. One diagonal stitch going left to right and then cross over with the other stitch right to left and then out-line when you are done. It is very easy to duplicate this pattern.

If you were to see the completed cross-stitch project above, you would probably think: I CAN’T DO THIS! But since I posted the smaller picture, you would probably think: I CAN DO THIS!

For that reason, I will share the bigger picture very soon along with the name of the company and the product that I am VERY impressed with. I still have one more assignment to complete BEFORE I sign on the dotted line. That my dear sisters IS the Power of 3 and E.S.P.!

Enjoy your evening!


Planning and Preparation-Pineapple/Blueberry Cake

Dear Sister,

Most of us have heard the phrase: When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is especially true when we are trying a new recipe.

We have to plan ahead by purchasing the necessary ingredients, making sure we have the correct utensils and understand the instructions.

When we get ready to make the recipe, we have to plan ahead make sure we allow adequate preparation time-especially if we are planning on serving it for a special event. It helps if we have practiced making the new recipe at least one time before the special event so we can testify to the deliciousness of it-we could try it on our family first to get some feedback on how we could improve it in the future.

This is one reason why we should look for opportunities to try something new in a safe place-which is why I love my Toastmasters group. It gives me a safe place to try out new material for speeches and receive constructive, unbiased feedback or evaluations on what I can do to improve it in the future.

I have specific instructions on how to prepare each speech; I make sure I give myself plenty of time to practice it before I present it to my group.

Are you ready to try a new recipe? It is not necessarily healthy and most likely won’t contribute to ‘keeping you in the pink’ if you are trying to lose weight. However, nothing says that you have to be perfect at everything all the time.

This recipe started off as an experiment when I didn’t have enough blueberries to make a: Blueberry Streusel cake. (I guess I failed to plan on that one…) I substituted crushed pineapple for half of the blueberries and I believe that it is now one of my son’s has a favorite recipes. He was a little bit disappointed when I took down my dearsister.com page. I decided to make this recipe my first post at his request.

Enjoy trying something new AND this recipe!

Pineapple, Blueberry Cake

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup ground oats
2/3 cup brown sugar
1 Tablespoon baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
1/3 cup softened butter
1 teaspoon imitation vanilla extract
1 cup sweetened vanilla almond milk

1 egg
1 cup fresh blueberries
10 ounces drained, crushed pineapple

1 cup powdered sugar
1/3 cup softened butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon unsweetened lemon juice
2 tablespoons sweetened vanilla almond milk or more depending on how thick or thin you want the glaze.

Pre-heat to 350 degrees. Use butter or coconut oil to grease 9×9 inch pan. Mix together on low-speed for 30 seconds: Flour, ground oats, brown sugar, baking powder, salt, butter, almond milk and egg, then mix on medium speed for 2 minutes. Pour half of batter into prepared pan; spread the crushed pineapple evenly over batter; pour remaining batter over crushed pineapple and top with blueberries. Bake for 35-40 minutes until golden brown and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Let it cool for an hour. Make the glaze and drizzle over the top. ENJOY!