Book: Dear Sister, Today Is…

Kindle book cover August 7 2015

Dear Sister,

Welcome to my book page. Dear Sister, Today Is…One woman’s breast cancer journey is the second edition of my breast cancer memoir. I added a chapter to this edition that I hope will answer the question most women would like an answer to: What am I doing since I stopped taking ‘the drug?’ 

I wrote my breast cancer memoir with you in mind. It is about the importance of faith, family and friendship, the lessons that I learned and what I wish I had known beforehand. 

I believe that the only logical reason for me to have received a breast cancer diagnosis was so that I could share my story and help my dear sisters who may be on a similar journey. I believe the same thing applies to ALL of us who have faced situations where we have had to make decision’s regarding life and death.

The Chapter that I am the most proud of was the one that was the most difficult for me to write. It is about how I made the decision NOT to have reconstruction. The title of the Chapter is: Meeting With Matters of Life and Breast. Here is a preview:

“Dear Sister,

Today is Wednesday, December 7. After working for a couple of hours this morning, taking a short nap, writing up my grocery list and trying to get out the door by one o’clock, I soon realized that I should have left a little bit sooner.

Kathy and I were running a little bit late. I arrived at exactly 1:25 pm. Kathy arrived a minute or two later. I signed in and had a brief visit with Kathy in the waiting room before I was called in for my appointment. Once again, my blood pressure was taken. It was high!

I waited for Dr. K to come in. He is quite tall, handsome and of course, charming. After introducing himself, he took a seat and asked me to get undressed from the waist up.

This is the first time that I have ever gotten undressed in front of a doctor. He then examined my waist. He told me that I didn’t have enough belly fat for him to perform the “tram-flap surgery.” He was also shocked at how large my breasts were and he was not shy about saying it. Then he took some measurements and asked me what my current bra size was. I told him 38DD.

I put my clothes back on. He then explained the benefits of having implants. He told me I would look and feel like a woman again! He explained the difference between silicon and saline implants. I had not heard anything good about silicone implants.

I told him I would prefer saline implants. He told me that the silicone implants were more natural and wouldn’t get hard over time like the saline implants would. He showed me what the implants looked like and let me handle one.

I asked him to explain how radiation would affect the implants if I should need to have it. He told me that he and Dr. V were very lucky not to have had any problems in that regard. I was starting to feel uneasy. I don’t like hearing the word “lucky” to describe any medical procedure.

Dr. K then went on to explain how the procedures would be done. He and Dr. V would work together. After she removed one of my breasts, he would put in a muscle-expander. The total amount of time that both surgeries would take would be about four hours. Then I would need to see him every two weeks until I was at my desired bra size.

He would gradually pump up the expander until I reached the size that I wanted to be. This would take between four and six weeks. After I decided that I was comfortable with my new size, I would have to go in for surgery again to have the silicone implants put in. I would be in the hospital for twenty four hours.

He then asked me if I had any questions. I asked him about the possible complications and the down side of having the surgery would be. He didn’t want to answer those questions. He kept telling me how much I would look and feel like a woman again…”

To be continued!

Enjoy your day!

I am going to include a list of a couple of my favorite book’s that have helped on my journey.
Love Medicine and Miracles
Love, Medicine and Miracles by Dr Bernie Siegel. It was a life-saver for me. I read it during my recovery. It gave me the courage to live and become proactive in doing everything that I could to not only survive, but thrive!
waking up fighting back Roberta Altman
Roberta Altman’s story: Waking Up and Fighting Back  is very similar to mine. If you are a young woman facing breast cancer, I guarantee that you will be able to relate to her. It is an excellent reference guide too!


Review for: Dear Sister, Today Is…

I have often heard it said that if you have written a book and it makes a difference in the life of one person, then you are a success. Here is a testimonial from that ONE person who has read my memoir and has since become a very dear sister.

I love your book cover! I especially like the description of the series of letters about your personal journey. I believe that was what captured me and brought me into your world and our shared journey. I can’t tell you how many times I have read your book as my personal support person allowing me to see the road ahead. You have been my cheerleader of sorts. You validate still my feelings and bring me into your world. We are at the kitchen table having coffee or tea…Thank you Chris. I thank God every day for your gift of sharing your gift. Carolyn Geiersbach Lillie-Haire, Breast Cancer Survivor


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