October is about being aware of more than breasts

International Squirrel Awareness month

Dear Pinksters,

Are you aware that the month of October is: International Squirrel Awareness and Appreciation month? I bet you thought I was going to say: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, didn’t you?

I would sincerely love it if everyone were as aware of the significance of squirrels more than they are the significance of breast cancer.

I am sure many of you are aware that 12% (that equals 1 in every 8 women) will hear the words: You have breast cancer. I am sure you are also aware that breast cancer doesn’t just affect the women, but the people that they love as well. I am aware that everyone knows at least eight women.

Are you aware that 15% of the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have at least one first-degree relative that has also been diagnosed? By first-degree relative, I mean their mother or sister.

Are you aware that ALL of have cancer cells within our bodies and that they can be ‘turned on’ or ‘turned off’? Google: Epigenetics and see for yourself.

Are you aware that at least 70% of ALL diseases ARE preventable when we make lasting lifestyle changes that work for us? Google: Epigenetics and lifestyle to see for yourself.

Are you aware that 1% of all men will be diagnosed with breast cancer? My neighbor has two former male co-workers that were diagnosed. I am the first woman that she knows personally that received that diagnosis.

For those of us who have been effected by breast cancer, I can assure you that we are aware of breast cancer the other eleven months of the year as well. For most of us, our physical scares are a constant reminder of what we have lost. Our emotional scars can become visible without any forewarning. Many women are dealing with lingering side-effects of chemo-therapy, radiation and lymphedema. (This does not include the side-effects that come from taking medications to prevent a recurrence.)

This is too many women and their loved ones who have had to choose between their quality of life or their quantity of life.

Even though finding a cure for cancer would be great, I believe it would be far more cost-effective to PREVENT this disease from occurring in the first place!

I am inspired by the following quote by this second century B.C. philosopher named, Huang Di Nei Jing:

“Maintaining order rather than correcting disorder is the ultimate principle of wisdom. To cure disease AFTER it has appeared is like digging a well when one is already thirsty or forging weapons AFTER the war has already begun.”

If you are feeling inspired after reading this blog post, I would like to invite you to ‘try on’a FREE, one hour health consultation to see how I can help you improve your quality of life and reduce or prevent breast cancer by at least 70%.

Click here to schedule your appointment today. (It can be done over the phone at a time that is convenient for you.)

Enjoy your day!


P.S. Take some time today to be aware of and appreciate the squirrels who cross your path.


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