33 Tips to improve your relationships

33 Tips to improve your relationships

Dear Pinksters!

Today’s Feel Good Friday post is a celebration of my 33rd Wedding Anniversary!

The #1 question most couples get asked is: What is the secret to a long and happy marriage?

I have known several couples that have been married for a long time. I am not sure that their relationship has been a happy one. I believe in the cliché: You should marry your best friend. (Notice that I did NOT say: Marry your ‘breast friend.’) 

I did. Has it been easy? No! Have both of us been happy all the time during those years: No! However, we have done our best to implement most of the tips I am sharing with you today.

I will have to share a quote from Nicholas Cage to illustrate what I mean by this piece of advice:

If a guy only wants you Nicholas Cage

I thought I would take some time today to share my tried and mostly true tips for improving your relationships-regardless of whether you are married or not.

I am only going to use the word: Always twice during this list. The rest you are free to ‘try on’ if you feel so inclined.


  2. Be authentic.

  3. Be apologetic.

  4. Accept imperfections.

  5. Aspire to improve.

  6. Be accessible.

  7. Be attentive to the things that matter the most to your significant other.

  8. Be cheerful!

  9. Admit when you made a mistake.

  10. Be aware of your tone of voice. (Sarcastic comments don’t work when they are used all the time…)

  11. Have a sense of humor!

  12. Attend church together.

  13. Eat at least one meal/day together. (If your spouse travels, use Facetime or another form of electronic media to stay connected.)

  14. Ask questions.

  15. LISTEN!

  16. Be faithful.

  17. Be a Cheerleader!

  18. Acknowledge their positive qualities and actions.

  19. Praise each other to your friends, family members, and co-workers.

  20. Express gratitude!

  21. Have separate hobbies or interests.

  22. Go for walks or bike rides together.

  23. Be accountable to each other. (Let each other know when you arrive at your destination when you are a part.)

  24. Surprise each other with little gifts on a day that isn’t their Birthday, Anniversary, or Christmas.

  25. Mail them a card or thank you note instead of sending a text.

  26. Disconnect from your electronic devices at least once/week.

  27. SMILE!

  28. Keep each other informed of activities that you want to attend together.

  29. Volunteer to work on a project together.

  30. Express an interest in things that are important to your spouse that you might not be especially fond of.

  31. Continue to date your spouse AFTER you get married. (This could mean putting your children to bed early and watching a movie that you checked out from the library.)

  32. Revisit the place where you had your first date as often as possible. My husband and I visit the park near us at least once/year. On our first date, I dared him to walk 9 miles on the bike trail with me. I have not, nor will I ever do that again!

  33. ALWAYS start a criticism by filling in these blanks: When you________I feel_______(This will open the door to a discussion and avoid most disagreements. The other person won’t feel like they are being accused or attacked for something that they might not have been completely aware of!)

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Are there any tips you would like to share that have helped you improve your own relationships? If so, please share them in the comments. Thank you!

Enjoy your day!



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