Prevention of Breast Cancer Naturally!


Dear Sister,

If you read my memoir: Dear Sister, Today Is…One woman’s breast cancer journey, you probably know that I did NOT need chemotherapy or radiation to treat my breast cancer. 

There were seven separate cancer cells in my left breast. NONE of the six lymph nodes that my doctor removed from my left arm were cancerous. ONE sentenel node tested positive. The bone and CT scans that my doctor ordered came out negative for breast cancer. 

My doctor put me on Arimidex (an estrogen blocker) because of that ONE sentenel node that tested positive. I stopped taking it after nineteen months because I could NOT handle the side-effects. The chronic migraines, food intolerance’s and the muscle/joint pain were making me feel A LOT older than I was!

Like most women, I was afraid to stop taking the Arimidex. I did some research on natural estrogen blockers. In my mind, as far as I knew…NOBODY had ever received a breast cancer diagnosis because they did NOT have enough prescription drugs in their bodies. (Most of my friends have asked me what I am doing since I stopped taking ‘the drug.’ It is because of them, that I added a chapter to my memoir and why I decided to write this blog post.)

I began taking a spice that can be found in most kitchens. It IS a miracle spice and is regularly used by individual’s in countries that have the LOWEST incidences of breast cancer in the world. That spice is…TURMERIC! I am NOT a fan of the taste, so I take it in supplement form. I take one 720 milligram capsule twice/day. One with my breakfast and one with my dinner.

I had been putting ground flaxseed in my oatmeal occasionally. Now I put one tablespoon in my oatmeal every morning. It has done wonders for reducing hot flashes and night sweats.

I have also reduced my intake of sugar and caffeine. When I was taking the Arimidex, I would wake up EVERY MORNING with a migraine. I developed an addiction to Ibuprofen and Dr Pepper. It was the only thing that worked to get rid of the migraine so I could function.

If you would like more information on what you CAN DO to reduce your risk of either getting breast cancer or preventing it from recurring, click here! Or you can purchase my book to find out what else I am doing. (If you purchase it and write a review, I will send you a FREE gift!)

Enjoy your day!




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