Welcome to Reflections on Pink

Dear Sister,

Welcome to the site formerly known as: dearsisterchris.com. Just in case you haven’t noticed, I am starting over.

My name is Chris Tryon. I am the author of the book: Dear Sister, Today Is…One Woman’s Breast Cancer Journey. This is the second edition of my book. (There are several reasons why I wrote a second edition. The number one reason was to add a chapter about: What I am doing since I stopped taking ‘the drug.’) 

The reason why I changed the title of my blog to Reflections on Pink was because that was the title of the first edition of my memoir: Dear Sister, My Bathroom Mirror Saved My Life. It explains very clearly the reflection that I saw in the mirror that started me on my own personal journey at the age of 47. 

Pink generally has a negative meaning. It IS associated with breast cancer. I don’t know of any woman who joins this pink sisterhood willingly.

I want this site to be associated with some of the positive aspects of ‘being in the pink,’ such as being healthy and youthful.

Pink doesn’t have to stink!

I would like to encourage you to become proactive in doing whatever you can to prevent this disease from recurring or from happening in the first place.

I am on a mission to help you untangle the secrets of health so that you can be around for many years to come for the people that you love.

Enjoy your day!



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